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Stakeholder engagement and the WILDCARD Rewilding Forum

In WILDCARD, we are engaging with local citizens and stakeholders across Europe’s major rewilding hotspots to explore their views on rewilding, discuss rewilding options and how rewilding processes impact communities.

Together, we are laying the groundwork for continued dialogue and exchange processes based on mutual trust to ensure that rewilding opportunities are maximised, and challenges are adequately addressed.

At the European level, we convene the WILDCARD Rewilding Forum, a shared space for discussion, cooperation and knowledge exchange between relevant researchers, conservation organisations, European project representatives, networks and initiatives to explore the implications of possible rewilding policy and interventions. The Forum will provide a space for reflection and serve as a sounding board to test the validity of the project’s findings.

We also contribute to major international and European policies to access and incorporate knowledge related to rewilding into decision-making processes.

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Work Package Lead:

Katharina Faradsch, Prospex Institute

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