What we do

Coordination, communication and dissemination

WILDCARD is coordinated by the University of Udine, in Italy, and steered by our Scientific and Technical Committee.

We also count on critical input and feedback from our Project Advisory Board.

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Giorgio Alberti, University of Udine

Giorgio Alberti
logo Università degli Studi di Udine

Project Scientific and Technical Committee:

  • icon personProf. Giorgio Alberti, University of Udine, Italy
  • icon personProf. Thomas Knoke, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • icon personDr. Carmen Rodriguez, European Forest Institute, Germany and Spain
  • icon personProf. Peter Verburg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • icon personProf. Tzvetan Zlatanov, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgaria
  • icon personDr. Kris Vandekerkhove, Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Belgium
  • icon personProf. Laura Bouriaud, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava
  • icon personDr. Pavel Šamonil, Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Czech Republic
  • icon personDr. Lucia Seebach, Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • icon personMrs. Katharina Faradsch, Prospex Institute
  • icon personProf. Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands
  • icon personDr. Peter Meyer, Northwest German Forest Research Institute, Germany
  • icon personProf. Renzo Motta, University of Turin
  • icon personDr. Mauro Masiero, University of Padova
  • icon personProf. Karel Prach, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  • icon personProf. Harald Bugmann, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Communication and Dissemination Lead:

Priscila Jordão, European Forest Institute

Priscila Jordão
logo EFI