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Revealing the contribution of rewilding to the EU’s climate and biodiversity goals

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All over Europe, nature is making a comeback. Now it’s time to assess the effects!

The WILDCARD project is unveiling the contribution of two major rewilding approaches to solving the climate and biodiversity crises. We also work hand-in-hand with local stakeholders from Europe’s main rewilding hotspots to sow the seeds of social transformation through rewilding.

WILDCARD is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme with a budget of €8,9 million and by the Swiss government with a contribution of €1,2 million. It runs from January 2024 to December 2027 and is implemented by 16 partners in 9 European countries.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding is about letting nature do the job of repairing degraded and damaged ecosystems. It’s about reinstating natural processes that would have occurred in the absence of human activity.

The goal is to create self-sustaining and wilder natural areas that support a wide range of native plants, animals and microorganisms, reversing the potential negative impacts of intensive human management.

In WILDCARD, we focus on two main rewilding approaches: the rewilding of abandoned agricultural lands and the halting of forest management (proforestation).

What we do

WILDCARD is identifying priority areas where rewilding achieves the most benefits for the climate, biodiversity and society.

We are, for the first time, quantifying such benefits at the European scale by combining satellite and field data from hundreds of locations across the continent. At the same time, the project is establishing a fruitful dialogue with local people and decision-makers through the WILDCARD Rewilding Forum.


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News & Events

We’re hiring! New PhD and Postdoc positions within WILDCARD

We’re hiring! New PhD and Postdoc positions within WILDCARD

May 15, 2024

Are you looking for a PhD or Postdoc position on the topic of rewilding? If so, check out our two new open positions: One Post-doc position at the University of…

New paper: Comparing carbon monitoring approaches in old-growth forests of the Dinaric Alps

New paper: Comparing carbon monitoring approaches in old-growth forests of the Dinaric Alps

May 15, 2024

Carbon storage is one of the most important ecosystem services provided by forests to society. However, methods to monitor and report forest carbon stocks are still poorly understood. A new…

Old-growth forest in the Dinaric Alps

Old-growth forests in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro harbour highest continental carbon sink in Europe, finds new paper

Apr 25, 2024

Old-growth forests continue to disappear in Europe, with many being logged before their identification and protection. To help map these important ecosystems for conservation and research, a new paper by…

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