We’re hiring! New PhD and Postdoc positions within WILDCARD

Are you looking for a PhD or Postdoc position on the topic of rewilding? If so, check out our two new open positions:

  • One Post-doc position at the University of Udine (two years with possible extension). The specific focus of the post-doc will be on quantifying carbon trajectories and biodiversity implications (above- and belowground) of the rewilding of managed forests in Italy. The research fellow/post-doc will be in charge of field sampling, also requiring the use of TLS and/or USL. Gross monthly salary: ca. 2291 euro (ca. 2000 net salary). Deadline for application: June, 3rd. More info available here.
  • One PhD position (three years) at the University of Udine (joint PhD program in Environmental Life Science between the University of Trieste and the University of Udine). Title: “Soil microbial ecology in forest ecosystems.” Supervisor: Prof. Guido Incerti Project. Deadline for application: June, 13th. More information here and here.